Who We Are


Sweet Dreams DayCare program is run by Sandra Valerio, a mother of 3, who loves connecting with the children. For the last 15 years, shes has worked with all age groups, infants up to 9 years of age. Its important to her to set a loving, warm, fun, stimulating and safe, learning environment for the children. It is a very rewarding experience for her and an all around enriching environment for the children.It is her focus and goal to help these children become caring, thoughtful and creative little people.



Child Safety


Sweet Dreams DayCare number 1 focus is about child safety. We have all of the child safety preventative features throughout the entire property. Certification in child CPR, poision control procedures, and emergency plans regulary practiced. 

​Our Staff


Sandra Valerio is the owner / director of Sweet Dreams DayCare. She has been in this business for 15 years. Sandra, was is fortunate that she has a passion for children and loves what she does. She is a mother of three grown children and attended Indiana Univeristy studied Literature, and has a certificate from Ashworth College for Nutrition. Bilingual - English, French. 

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Chamber of Commerce

Sandra recently has joined the Windsor CC commitee. 

April 6, 2016

Enrolling Now

Currently enrolling full time and after school programs. 

April 1, 2016

Story of the Week

Every week we will be doing a story of the week to inspire our kids. 

April - August