Weekly Videos


Every week you will find a new video post to Sweet Dreams DayCare Facebook Page with helpful tips on child care, parenting, and fun projects to do with your child. 

Additionally, Sandra will share story time 2 minute short stories that she has written over the years, or that are from her favorite children book collections. 

Sandra McCoy Valerio is the owner / director of Sweet Dreams DayCare. She has been in this business for 15+ years. Sandra, was is fortunate that she has a passion for children and loves what she does. She is a mother of three grown children and attended Indiana Univeristy studied Literature, and has a certificate from Ashworth College for Nutrition. Bilingual - English, French. She has been a creative writer, writing most of her life, short stories, and more recent, about the child provider program she has created. In addition, Sandra has started Mommy and Me programs, monthly, and provides short videos content for young parents helping their out with creative tips, and ideas to interact with thier children.

Weekly Story Time Videos